Fresh Skin Care Is The Best Skin Care!


When it comes to natural skin care, fresh is best!  All those potent natural nutrients in the gorgeous botanical oils, butters and extracts that give all the fantastic benefits, are prone to time-related breakdown and become less effective as time passes.  Think of it as food for the skin; and therefore treat your skincare as you would your food - as a perishable item.

Our creations are handcrafted in micro batches every week, using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients, and are sent to reach you at their peak efficacy.  

Every product has passed laboratory stability testing (necessary to determine the shelf life of a product) and could be given a 36 month shelf life.  However we choose to give them a 12 month shelf life, and strongly recommend you use the product within 3-6 months after opening.

Why?  Firstly, so that your skin may benefit fully from the optimum freshness and efficacy of the fresh, natural and potent ingredients.  And because these are natural ingredients; we believe no natural skin care product could be as effective at 36 months as it is at 3-6 months. 

Everything has been thoughtfully chosen to optimise the freshness of our products.  It's the reason our sizes are a little smaller than you often find - for instance, if you use one of our facial oils once a day (approx 4 drops), the 20ml bottle should last you approx 3 months, and if you are using it every other day, in rotation alongside another facial oil perhaps, then it should last approx 6 months.  So the perfect size; whereas you may find it more difficult to use a 30ml bottle in the required time!

And it's why we use Miron violet glass to house our products.  It's not just aesthetically beautiful; it's the most advanced protective glass presently available, and is unsurpassed in preserving the life of products.  We also recommend storing products in cool conditions, away from heat and direct sunlight.

To ensure you're able to use products within the recommended time and get all those incredible nutritional benefits, we advise limiting the amount of products you have on the go at once.  Rather than having 4-6 facial oils in rotation at once, limit it to 2-3 max.  It's tempting I know, to try every new product, or recommendations from friends, but perhaps wait until you've finished a product before purchasing a new one ;-)  And don't bulk buy, or buy backups, unless you know you'll definitely be opening them within 3 months or so. 

If you find you're getting close to that 6 month after opening use by date and still have some oil to use, think about multi-purpose uses.  Use it as a body oil, or a little on the ends of your hair, or as a hand/nail oil perhaps.  Let us know if you come up with any other exciting ways to use our oils - we'd love to know!




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