Self Love Rituals : Five Ideas To Get You Started


February is all about love; that is self-love, for us here at Mono 💗 (we're not too crazy about the commercialism of Valentine's Day...)

Taking some 'me time' regularly is so essential for our wellbeing, and yet, with our busy lives, we often struggle to find time for ourselves; to treat ourselves (as we do others) with love and kindness.  Practising self-love rituals benefits the mind, body and soul; not only will you love yourself more, you'll also expand your capacity to give more love to everyone in your life.

If you don't already, we encourage you to create a self love ritual for yourself every day; you really will feel the difference! 💗 Schedule some 'me time' in to your daily calendar (even 5-10 minutes if that's really all you can spare, and set an alarm if it makes it easier!), and you’ll soon find that it becomes a regular habit that gets easier and easier!  Stuck for ideas?  Below are five ways you can start practising self-love rituals right now:


1. Start the day the right way
When you wake have a positive, loving thought - think of something you're grateful for, looking forward to, or something that makes you happy (you may like to write these thoughts down also and keep a journal, adding to it each day). This simple ritual helps you create a positive mindset, and set your mood for the day ahead.

2. Take a walk
Being outdoors and connecting with nature is one of the most healing things we can do.  Not only are you exercising the body and improving your physical health; walking in nature benefits the mind, reducing stress and boosting your mood and self esteem.

3. Take a long bath (or shower)
Light a few candles, add some bathing salts or oil and fill the bathroom with a beautiful aroma.  Place your favourite crystals around the bath, lie back, relax and clear your mind.

4. Meditate
Find a quiet comfortable space, close your eyes and simply breathe. Or you may prefer guided meditation, mantra meditation using a mala, or to listen to music while you meditate. There is no right or wrong way; find whatever works best for you. 

5. Turn up the stereo!
Play some music you LOVE - something that lifts your mood and makes you happy! And turn the volume up, dance round the room, let the music flow through you, and your body move how it wants to without inhibitions.


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