Updating Your Skin Care Routine From Summer to Autumn

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A question I get asked a lot, especially at this time of the year, is whether you need to change your skin care routine as the seasons change.  As most estheticians, dermatologists and good skin care formulators will tell you, yes; the majority of people do indeed!  Now I'm not saying every one needs to of course; we all have different skin, skin care needs and life styles, but in the majority of cases a change of season typically means a change in the way skin behaves, so updating your routine is definitely a good idea if you want to keep your skin happy and looking and feeling great. 




Layer it up

This doesn't always have to be a huge change - I'm not telling you to throw out all the products you were using during the summer and buy a whole bunch of new ones.  What I do advise is to perhaps make a simple tweak and/or add in a layer or two, to help your skin get through the cooler months.  Why?  Well, most of us change our wardrobes as the seasons and temperatures change don't we; adding in, or taking away layers, and our skin requires the same sort of approach - protecting it against the elements.  Skin often needs extra nourishment, hydration, and perhaps slightly richer, more moisturising ingredients in autumn/winter.


Change your cleanser

If you've been using a foaming face wash during the warmer summer months, you may start to find it a little drying as your skin isn't producing quite so much oil during the cooler months.  Switching to an oil cleanser will not only leave your skin feeling more moisturised, it also adds in an extra layer of hydration. 



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

A drop in humidity, dry indoor environments, central heating, harsh winds and sudden temperature changes (going from the heated indoors to the cold outdoors, and vice versa), can all wreak havoc on your skin, leading to dehydrated, dry skin, as well as flakiness, irritation, inflammation, dullness and even breakouts.  Therefore you will need to add in more hydration; perhaps adding in a serum layer (and I'm talking about a water/aloe based serum, not a facial oil masquerading as a serum ;) ) before applying your favourite facial oil and/or balm (remember to layer lightest to heaviest product, and water based products under oil based products).  Look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water!



Using a gentle exfoliator helps to increase cellular regeneration, as well as removing dead, dull skin, allowing your facial oil or moisturiser to penetrate cells properly and work more effectively.  And don't forget your lips! (watch out for a great lip scrub DIY recipe coming very soon!!)


Don't wish to give up your favourite summer moisturiser?

That's no problem - simply amp up the hydration and nourishment by adding a few drops of your favourite facial oil to your moisturiser (our Rejuvenating and Sensitive facial oils are both packed full of potent antioxidant and nutrient rich botanicals).


Don't forget the sunscreen!

Protection from the sun's harmful rays is necessary all year round, so you really need to be using your SPF no matter what the temperature outside.


The most important thing is of course to listen to your own skin - if you start to experience dryness, breakouts etc..., these are signs that your current routine might not be working properly, and perhaps a change is in order.  But remember that each time you add a product or change your routine in any way, your skin needs time to adapt, so use your new routine for at least a couple of weeks before deciding that it’s not working.

Top tip: Don't wait until your skin starts to become unhappy before you make changes - make them as soon as you're able, as the seasons start to shift.  Are you digging out those snuggly socks and sweaters?  Yes?  Then now's the time to act.  Prepare your skin for winter and you’ll have less chance of any irritation or unhappy skin!

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