Mono Chakra pulse point oils the full set
Chakra Anointing Oil Collection

Chakra Anointing Oil Collection

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A collection of seven unique essential oil blends created with the loving intention to clear, rebalance and energise the chakras, enabling energy to flow freely, promoting health, vitality, and harmony, as well as support balanced and well-functioning chakras.

'Chakra' is a Sanskrit word which translates as 'wheel'.  Conventional wisdom dictates there are seven chakras - wheel-like energy centres in our bodies from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, which are, in metaphysical terms, how energy flows through us.  Each chakra collects, absorbs and filters the energy we emit through our thoughts and actions, as well the thoughts and action of those around us.

Although we cannot see our chakras with our naked eye (like all energy, they are not something we can touch, but rather sense and feel), they are key to our state of balance and wellbeing.  They not only look after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being, but also help regulate our organs and immune system.  When our chakras are open and in balance, our natural energy flows freely creating a sense of overall wellbeing.  But when a chakra is blocked or not balanced, it can affect both the corresponding physical region of the body as well as specific aspects of our spiritual and emotional selves.

Intuitively and lovingly created using the highest quality, all-natural essential oils, mindfully chosen for their therapeutic properties, each unique synergistic blend has been thoughtfully developed to correspond to a specific chakra, to help awaken, balance and nourish the chakra centre with aromatherapy and crystal healing.

Use to harmonise the mind, body and spirit during your meditations, yoga sessions or holistic therapies, or to help you stay grounded, focused, energised, loved, or whatever your intention might be.  Or you may choose to use these wonderfully aromatic blends as beautiful aromatherapy scents to support or encourage a complete feeling of wellbeing.

Oils are also available individually.  Please see the product pages to find out more about each individual chakra.

The Ritual
Roll oil over chakra or pulse points in a clockwise motion or massage into the area of the body you are focusing on.  Breathe aroma in deeply. 

Can also be carried in your purse or pocket so that you may inhale the oil to help you stay grounded, focused, energised, loved, or whatever your intention might be, throughout the day.

We recommend a skin patch test 24 hours before using.  For external use only.  Avoid direct contact with eyes.  Do not apply to broken skin.  Discontinue use if irritation develops.  Keep out of reach of children.  Please consult your medical practitioner before using if pregnant.

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Once opened best used within 12 months.

Organic Jojoba Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil and a blend of Organic Essential Oils (please see individual chakra pages for INCI ingredients lists).

Essential Oils of Patchouli*, Cedarwood*, Vetivert*, Sandalwood*, Myrrh*, Cardamom*, Petitgrain*and Clove*

Essential Oils of Patchouli*, Sandalwood*, Clary Sage*, Mandarin (Red)* and Ylang Ylang*

Solar Plexus
Essential Oils of Grapefruit*, Lemon* (Steam Distilled), Ginger*, Peppermint* and Black Pepper* 

Essential oils of Sandalwood*, Rose, Cardamom* and Neroli* 

Essential Oils of Lemon* (Steam Distilled), Blue Cypress, Eucalyptus*, Spearmint* and Chamomile*

Third Eye
Essential Oils of Sandalwood*, Petitgrain*, Palo Santo**, Chamomile*, Clary Sage*, Myrrh* and Galbanum

Essential Oils of Frankincense*, Sandalwood*, Myrrh*, Palo Santo**, Rhododendron* and Benzoin* 

*Certified organic **Wild Harvested ***Non-GMO

Naturally occurring in essential oils - Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Citronellol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool

All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.

100% Natural | Vegan | Cruelty Free

Handcrafted in small batches for optimum freshness and effectiveness.

Housed in violet glass bottles with a glass rollerball application.  The violet glass is made using biophotonic technology which completely blocks all harmful rays from the light spectrum to prolong the shelf-life and effectiveness of the product.

Presented in a handstamped, 100% natural linen pouch.

Due to each product being handcrafted (and not made by a machine), and the ingredients being of natural origin; scent, colour and consistency may vary from batch to batch. This does not in any way affect the quality or efficiency of the product.


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